Inspection Provider Cyberhawk Partners with Norwegian UAV Operator

Cyberhawk Innovations, a Scotland-based provider of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspections, has signed a partnership agreement with Norwegian UAV operator Nordic Unmanned. Cyberhawk, which recently entered the U.S. market, says this latest deal will help bolster its international presence.

According to the company, the agreement with Nordic Unmanned means that customers in Norway will be able to take advantage of Cyberhawk’s cloud-based asset management software, iHawk, which will be combined with Nordic Unmanned’s local knowledge and UAV experience.

Cyberhawk claims it completed one of the first drone inspections on the Norwegian continental shelf in 2013 with a flare inspection, and together the two companies have already successfully completed a number of projects in the region with major oil and utility asset operators.

“This collaboration enables us to effectively address the increasing inspection needs in Norway’s oil and gas and utility sectors, providing both onshore and offshore clients with a local, reliable and proven UAV inspection and survey solution, wrapped up in cutting-edge cloud-based asset management software,” says Cyberhawk CEO Craig Roberts.

Knut Roar Wiig, CEO at Nordic Unmanned, adds, “This agreement is a key part of Nordic Unmanned’s strategy to play a major role in the Norwegian continental shelf. Together with Cyberhawk, we can provide a high-quality, professional service for our customers.”

Image courtesy of Cyberhawk Innovations: Drones are able to capture close-up images of many onshore and offshore assets, including flares.


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