Hawk Aerial Offers CropHawk350 Drone Solution for Ag Industry


1454_thinkstockphotos-471397173 Hawk Aerial Offers CropHawk350 Drone Solution for Ag IndustryHawk Aerial, a drone services and supply company based in Los Angeles, has announced the availability of the CropHawk350 for contracted flight services or as an equipment purchase package.

The purchase package includes a ready-to-fly, turnkey, integrated drone system for normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) crop health analysis, along with a Tetracam ADC Micro multispectral sensor.

The company’s contracted flight services provide periodic crop overflight options (daily, weekly or monthly) and a comprehensive report per overflight.

Hawk Aerial is a Section 333 exemption holder for commercial unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations.

‘The U.S. agricultural industry has become the most productive in the world by harnessing new technologies to reduce costs and improve yields,’ says CEO Kevin Gould. ‘CropHawk350 continues this trend, reducing scouting and monitoring costs. With our high-quality sensors, we can provide advanced reporting that is especially well suited to high-value, moderate-acreage fruit, vegetable and nut crops.’

The CropHawk350 solution is available exclusively through Hawk Aerial.

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