FTC to Hold Drone Seminar, Seeks Public Comment


This fall, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is planning to host a series of seminars on new and evolving technologies that it says are raising critical consumer-protection issues.

The FTC Fall Technology Series comprises three half-day events that will explore ransomware, drones and smart TV.

On Oct. 13, the FTC’s drone workshop will explore the following questions related to the commercial use of drones:

  • What are the uses and benefits of drones for consumers today? Where is drone technology headed?
  • What are the unique privacy and security concerns associated with drone technologies and the data collected from them?
  • How are these concerns currently being addressed by businesses, self-regulatory efforts and foreign regulators?
  • Is there a need for further guidance?

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is currently convening multi-stakeholder meetings to develop and communicate best practices for privacy, accountability and transparency issues regarding commercial and private drone use. The FTC expects these meetings will provide important input for the drone series.

The seminar is taking place at the Constitution Center in Washington, D.C. The FTC is soliciting public comments, which can be submitted here.

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