Flytrex Kicks off Commercial Drone Delivery in Iceland

Flytrex, an Israel-based developer of delivery drones, is bringing its technology to Iceland, where online retailer AHA has signed an agreement to deploy the drone delivery system.

According to an announcement from the company, AHA is using the system in Reykjavik in tandem with its “existing vehicle-based delivery network” for bringing goods between two city sections separated by a river. In turn, the company is “increasing its daily deliveries capacity without increasing manpower.”

In a Flytrex blog, the company says Iceland’s civil aviation authority has given the green light for the operations, which involve the “Mule” drone, capable of carrying 6.5 lbs. of goods over 6 miles. Specifically, Flytrex says the goods are “products, groceries and restaurant food.”

Via the Flytrex blog, Maron Kristófersson, CEO of AHA, states, “Over the last four years, we have been monitoring online delivery solution technologies around the globe and feel that Flytrex has a smart, safe and commercially viable solution to the problem. We hope to cooperate with them not only in Iceland but also internationally in the future.”


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