FLIR Rolls out 32-Gram Black Hornet 3 UAV


FLIR Systems Inc. has debuted the Black Hornet 3 nano unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is suited for first responders, government agencies and the military, the company says.

FLIR already offers the Black Hornet personal reconnaissance system (PRS). Now, the Black Hornet 3 drone adds the ability to navigate in GPS-denied environments.

At 32 grams, the Black Hornet 3 offers improved speed and distance compared to previous versions of the drone: It can fly for 2 kilometers (approximately 1.24 miles) and at speeds of over 21 km/h (approximately 13.04 mph).

The Black Hornet 3 also incorporates sharper imaging processing, thanks to the the FLIR Lepton thermal microcamera core and a visible sensor to allow greater image fidelity. The design also features an improved, encrypted, military-approved digital datalink, enabling communications and imagery beyond the visual line of sight and in closed areas.

“We are excited to bring this advanced Black Hornet 3 to our warfighters and first responders,” says James Cannon, president and CEO of FLIR. “With longer range and indoor flight capabilities, the latest-generation Black Hornet provides full surveillance coverage continuity to the mission.”

The Black Hornet 3 is sold directly through FLIR and is available now for military, government and law enforcement customers.

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