DJI Offers New Battery Station With Three Charging Modes

DJI has introduced its new DJI Battery Station, providing advanced battery management for “every shooting scenario,” the company says.

Built specifically for the TB50 intelligent battery, the new battery station is a solution for battery charging, storage and transportation for professional film crews. It is compatible with products including the Ronin 2 stabilizer, as well as the Inspire 2 drone and M200 series of drones.

The station can store up to 12 TB50 intelligent batteries at once and charge up to eight simultaneously. Multiple charging ports also allow customers to charge other devices, including selective remote controllers, WB37 intelligent batteries and even mobile devices.

The station is equipped with an LCD screen, where batteries’ power levels, charging voltage, remaining time, temperature and firmware version are displayed. A built-in cooling fan helps dissipate heat while charging, and an overheating detection monitor provides an additional level of safety, says DJI.

Other features include three charging modes – normal, quick and silent – to provide power management for various shooting scenarios. In normal mode, eight TB50 batteries can be charged simultaneously, while in quick mode, four TB50 batteries will be charged to 90% in 35 minutes. In silent mode, the charging speed is lowered for a quieter process on noise-sensitive film sets.

Furthermore, says DJI, the battery station is made of a plastic that meets USA UL 94 V-O flammability standards, reducing risks that may arise in extreme environments. The station also offers discharge mode, which brings batteries to 25% for transportation and 50% for storage.

The new product retails for $1,199 and can be ordered through the DJI Online Store at, as well as at DJI Flagship Stores and select DJI Authorized Dealers worldwide.


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