Cellular Network Attaches to Drone for Search-and-Rescue Flights

948_star_solutions Cellular Network Attaches to Drone for Search-and-Rescue FlightsStar Solutions, a supplier of mobile network infrastructure solutions, has announced a new concept for unmanned search-and-rescue flights, ‘Cellular Network on Drone’ (COD).

The COD uses Star Solutions' cellular network technology, which fits onto a drone, to allow first responders to locate and communicate with those who are lost or in distress.

By adding the stand-alone wireless network and on-board intelligent controller to a drone, Star Solutions explains, first responders are able to program the COD to fly to a specified area and initiate a search.

When the COD reaches its designated area, it will detect phones and their locations. Once they are detected, the COD can exchange text messages and place calls to the phones. The intelligent controller will determine if help is needed; otherwise, the COD will continue with its search until the subject is found.

The technology minimizes the time, resources and financial costs of search-and-rescue missions, according to Star Solutions. In addition, it can be used in early warning, surveillance, emergency communication and other applications.


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