Canadian Fire Department Selects UAS from ING Robotic Aviation to Assess Flooding

The fire department of Sherbrooke, Quebec, has called upon the services of Ottawa-based unmanned aerial system (UAS) company ING Robotic Aviation to help assess the water level of the Saint-Francois River and determine the areas affected by flooding.

ING reports that its Responder UAS will capture real-time aerial surveys of the river using high-resolution cameras, which will be used to create a map of the region.

‘Responder will be used as an integral tool for flood monitoring,’ says Ian Glenn, CEO of ING. ‘Our equipment will be used to get the right information into the right hands at the right time – in this case, directly into the hands of those managing the flood response.’

The Responder UAS, the company notes, comprises a rotary wing aircraft and portable ground control station.


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