Agribotix FarmLens Mates With DJI Phantom for Drone-Plus-Analytics Solution

Boulder, Colo.-based Agribotix has announced the immediate availability of the Agribotix Agrion, an agricultural drone solution that enables users to evaluate the health of an entire field.

The package, with a price tag starting at $2,960, bundles Agribotix’s purpose-built FarmLens agricultural data and analytics service with DJI’s Phantom 3 Advanced drone.

The drone is equipped with a near-infrared camera designed to capture field-level imagery, which is uploaded to the FarmLens platform for processing; results are then produced automatically in the cloud.

“The power of this combination is that it shatters the twin hurdles of price and complexity associated with drone-enabled intelligence,” explains Lou Faust, CEO of Agribotix. “Quite simply, the Agrion solutions put tremendous analytic power in the farmer’s hands without requiring special training or deep pockets.

“He or she can drive out to the field, fly autonomously, get back detailed results about every inch of the field, and decide what action to take in near real time. That means bigger, more profitable harvests, lower fertilizer and pesticide costs, and less environmental impact,” Faust adds. Image_2_Agrion_System-476e4f0ece48addaa9c4a816e0e0d671



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