Aeryon Labs Debuts sUAS Imaging Payload for 30x Optical Zoom

927_hdzoom30 Aeryon Labs Debuts sUAS Imaging Payload for 30x Optical ZoomAeryon Labs Inc., a manufacturer of vertical takeoff and landing small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), has introduced the Aeryon HDZoom30 imaging payload.

The Aeryon HDZoom30 is a fully integrated, ruggedized, high-performance electro-optical camera payload designed for demanding applications that require clear and precise images. The payload offers three-axis stabilization using brushless motors to ensure that detailed and accurate video and photographs are captured, even under demanding environmental conditions.

It enables up to 30 times optical zoom and up to 60 times digitally enhanced zoom, as well as 1080p recorded video and 20mp still-image resolution.

The Aeryon HDZoom30 integrates with the Aeryon SkyRanger sUAS platform and meets demanding mission specifications such as an environmental tolerance of -4 degrees F to 122 degrees F (-20 degrees C to 50 dergrees C) and a secure, all-digital data transmission network with real-time metadata.

For commercial sUAS operators, the payload enables close inspection tasks on critical infrastructure, such as power lines, flare stacks and cellular towers, by delivering detailed, high-resolution images without bringing the aircraft into unnecessarily close proximity to the structure. For instance, using the Aeryon HDZoom30, an operator may be able to read the serial number on a power line insulator from a safe distance of 100 feet.

“As one of the first sUAS named in a FAA Section 333 exemption request, the Aeryon SkyRanger currently enables Aetos Group to deliver robust and reliable aerial inspection services to customers in the petrochemical industry,” says Nick Harwood, vice president of operations at Aetos Group. “We look forward to adding the Aeryon HDZoom30 to our portfolio and offering our customers a safer, more effective way to capture high-resolution images to enhance their maintenance and reliability programs.”

Aeryon Labs plans to ship the product to customers in the spring.

An accompanying video can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Aeryon Labs


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