Aeromao Launches ‘Amphibious’ Fixed-Wing UAV


Canadian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer Aeromao Inc. recently launched the Aeromapper Talon Amphibious, which can stay afloat on water.

The fixed-wing, dual-camera drone is designed for inspection and mapping in marine environments, including for operations beyond the visual line of sight. It delivers high-resolution, geo-referenced imagery, as well as 4K video. In addition, the aircraft offers up to two hours of flight on one set of batteries.

The UAV is based on the Aeromapper Talon, which has been the company’s flagship drone since 2014. Because the new aircraft’s components have been waterproofed individually, the drone avoids damage even when fully submerged.

The Amphibious Talon has already been used during an expedition by an undisclosed British conservation institution in Beliz, notes Aeromao. The trip is part of a series of efforts for conservation and ecology and the enforcement and control of illegal fishing over protected areas.

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