Advanced Drone Technologies Aims to ‘Retire the Safety Harness’

Advanced Drone Technologies says it has received a commercial exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for both multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones for a multitude of services.

With an initial offering of aerial photography, inspection services and agricultural intelligence, the company says it aims to develop simple solutions that reduce safety risks and lower costs for the customer.

Advanced Drone Technologies says its motto is “Retire the safety harness,” as drone inspections can be completed just about anywhere a person would need a harness, while the drone services can generally cost less than renting a mechanical lift.

According to the Section 333 exemption grant, Advanced Drone Technologies can use the DJI S900, 3D Robotics IRIS+ and 3D Robotics Aero M unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

Specifically, the company is authorized for the following operations: aerial mapping, aerial surveying, industrial inspections, telecommunications inspections, aerial videography and photography, energy systems inspections, asset management, construction site monitoring and inspections, wildlife and forestry monitoring, pipeline inspections, volunteer patrolling operations, precision agricultural services, and UAS education and training.

The company notes that each aircraft in the fleet is outfitted with optics and sensors, including flight control systems, HD cameras, normalized difference vegetation index cameras and thermal cameras.

“At Advanced Drone Technologies, we need to drive standards, create a baseline for services pricing and market the true value drones bring to almost any market you can think of,” explains Jesse Sanchez, co-founder. “We need to drive consumer acceptance and recognition through education and customer satisfaction.”


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