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Drones, Multispectral Imagery Offer New View of Calif.’s Giant Sequoias

As part of a joint project, Pix4D and Parrot recently used drones and multispectral technology to create a 3D normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI)...

MicaSense Unveils Multispectral Camera for Commercial UAVs

Seattle-based MicaSense Inc. has introduced its third generation of RedEdge, a multispectral camera optimized for use in commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). RedEdge advances...

Draganfly Adds Multispectral Camera Payload to UAS Product Line

Draganfly Innovations, a manufacturer of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), is adding multispectral equipment provider Tetracam's ACD Micro camera to its Draganflyer helicopter product...

Companies Partner to Integrate Multispectral Cameras on Aerostats

Multispectral equipment provider Tetracam Inc. has selected lighter-than-air aircraft manufacturer Worldwide Aeros as a system integrator of multispectral camera systems for precision agriculture applications....

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