Draganfly Adds Multispectral Camera Payload to UAS Product Line

Draganfly Adds Multispectral Camera Payload to UAS Product LineDraganfly Innovations, a manufacturer of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), is adding multispectral equipment provider Tetracam's ACD Micro camera to its Draganflyer helicopter product line.

According to Draganfly, the Tetracam ADC Micro is highly sensitive to vegetation, making it suitable for monitoring crops and environmental health.

The multispectral payload system, Draganfly says, is mounted via a two-axis stabilized brushless gimbal and features a wireless digital video downlink. Draganfly reports that the camera comes with PixelWrench2 processing software, including image-editing programs and tools for managing and processing multispectral images.

The company notes that combining multispectral imaging technology with Dragan?y helicopter systems provides a means for farmers, agriculture consultants and insurance companies to quickly inspect, measure and assess crop health or damage.

Photo courtesy of Draganfly Innovations


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