Companies Partner to Integrate Multispectral Cameras on Aerostats

Multispectral equipment provider Tetracam Inc. has selected lighter-than-air aircraft manufacturer Worldwide Aeros as a system integrator of multispectral camera systems for precision agriculture applications.

Aeros says it will be incorporating several Tetracam agriculture digital camera imaging systems aboard multiple aerostat platforms that can handle tactical payloads that support longer duration missions.

The company notes that the camera-equipped aerostats will be able to monitor crops, forests and ecosystems for subtle changes in the visible and near-infrared radiation that plants reflect in order to remotely sense when plants are under stress, identify species, monitor plant growth and perform dozens of other functions to help protect crops and the environment.

According to Aeros, aerostats do not require a certificate of waiver or authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration and can stay airborne for weeks at a time. The company adds that its line of aerostats are helium-lifted and can be tethered to a height of up to 400 feet or beyond.


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