Sky-Futures, Flyability Carrying out Internal Tank Inspections with Caged Drones


Sky-Futures, a provider of drone-based data collection and analysis services for the oil and gas industry, has announced a partnership with Flyability, a commercial drone manufacturer that develops caged, collision-tolerant systems.

The agreement designates Sky-Futures as a preferred partner to Flyability in the delivery of drone-based internal tank inspections for the global oil and gas market.

Sky-Futures says the preferred-partner status will ensure priority access to drone hardware for inspections, delivery and technology development. Together, the companies will implement, develop and grow the inspection drone technology and associated software to improve safety, cut costs and improve efficiency in the digital oilfield.

The companies say their drone-based solution eliminates the need for personnel to enter the tank – significantly reducing risk to life and improving both the quality and repeatability of captured data.

All internal-tank inspection clients will access the data and analysis through the Sky-Futures cloud, which combines automatic image recognition with analytics from Sky-Futures’ engineering and technology teams. The cloud supports the secure transfer of data from the Flyability drone.

Switzerland-based Flyability was last year’s winner of the $1 million United Arab Emirates Drones for Good Award for its caged Gimball drone. Sky-Futures offers drone inspection services out of offices in Houston; London; Aberdeen, Scotland; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

“We are excited to work with Flyability to enhance our technology platform that helps power the digital oil field,” comments Adrian Karl, chief technology officer of Sky-Futures.

“This partnership with Sky-Futures is an important milestone on our path to increase efficiency and decrease risk for our oil and gas customers,” says Patrick Thevoz, CEO of Flyability. “Our collision-tolerant drone technology allows clients to perform inspections in areas out of reach of any other current technology, and we are looking forward to delivering the data to our customers the fastest and easiest way possible.”

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