SICdrone, CrowdOptic to Track Points of Interest from Drone Cameras


CrowdOptic and SICdrone have partnered to equip a fleet of SICdrone unmanned aircraft with the ability to automatically orchestrate their onboard cameras to track and capture multiple camera angles of a single point of interest through the use of CrowdOptic’s patented technology.

The partner companies say that this solution, which utilizes several CrowdOptic patents, will analyze location and line-of-sight data of two or more flying unmanned aircraft to automatically aim their onboard cameras onto any selected single point of interest.

“Today, capturing a single point of interest from multiple drone cameras in real time is no easy feat,” says Daniel Bosch, CEO of SICdrone. “CrowdOptic technology enables us to automatically triangulate an object with cameras, so we can focus on piloting.”

“Controlling the cameras on drones is just the tip of the iceberg with our partnership with SICdrone,” says Jon Fisher, CrowdOptic’s CEO. “We will also apply our algorithms to the flight navigation systems to assist with the positioning of multiple drones in the sky to capture and track a point of interest.”

CrowdOptic says its technology, which includes sensor data smoothing, EXIF data mining and focal analytics, is instantly deployable in a range of mobile applications and technology environments to enhance broadcasting, security, social media sharing and advertising.

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