Rapid Imaging Software Creates Augmented Reality App for Small UAS


1346_rapid_imaging_software Rapid Imaging Software Creates Augmented Reality App for Small UASRapid Imaging Software says it has developed an augmented reality app, the SmartCam3D View, for small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations.

The app, currently in the testing stage, allows operators to view augmented reality (AR) overlays, such as waypoints and geographic points of interest, during a flight. The AR overlays also include parcel numbers and airspace boundaries.

The technology also offers obstacle-avoidance displays for airspace safety and enhanced mission effectiveness.

Dave Geisler, vice president of operations, will be at the upcoming NASA UAS traffic management convention to discuss applications and partnerships for use of the technology with commercial unmanned systems.

SmartCam3D View is one of several new AR products that will be available from Rapid Imaging Software in the last quarter of the year.

The company recently rolled out the SmarTopo Harvest, an obstacle-detection system for commercial drones.

An example of the SmartCam3D software in action can be watched here.

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