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‘Let’s Fly Wisely’ Makes Delivery via UAS a Reality

Last week in Wise County, Va., a multidisciplinary team and a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) test site joined forces to successfully conduct deliveries via...

Rapid Imaging Software Creates Augmented Reality App for Small UAS

Rapid Imaging Software says it has developed an augmented reality app, the SmartCam3D View, for small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations.The app, currently in...

Package-Delivery by Drone Is Becoming a Reality in Europe

Big news in the drone-delivery world: DHL Parcel of Germany is launching a pilot project of shipping goods with what it calls a 'parcelcopter,'...

Operators Can Control UAV with Virtual Reality Headset

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology has developed a system in which an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator can control the aircraft through...

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