Pix4D Adds New Senior Execs in San Francisco and Germany

Pix4D, a provider of drone photogrammetry software, is strengthening its presence in both North America and Europe by adding two new senior executives to its leadership team.

Henrik Battke and Thomas Odenwald are joining the company as managing directors of Pix4D GmbH in Berlin and Pix4D Inc. in San Francisco, respectively.

According to Pix4D, Battke has worked in technical senior management roles on platform and enterprise products at HERE Technologies (formerly the location and commerce business unit at Nokia). Before that, he co-founded and managed bit-side GmbH, a company that specialized in image processing and graphics software for mobile phones; it was acquired in 2009 by Nokia.

He will oversee R&D activities in agriculture and machine learning while strategically managing enterprise and commercial activities in Germany.

Until recently, Odenwald held the position of executive vice president for sales and marketing at SupplyShift. Before that, he was chief strategist and senior vice president for products and innovation at SAP.

Thomas will lead Pix4D activities in North America; he will focus on enterprise sales development and building R&D teams.


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