Next Gen Drones Conference Comes to Maryland This June


1106_dji_drone Next Gen Drones Conference Comes to Maryland This JuneThe Next Gen Drones conference, which will address research and development issues for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) commercialization, is coming to Bethesda, Md., on June 23-24.

Launched by The Knowledge Foundation, the event will feature industry discussions focused on regulatory updates and safety improvements for UAVs.

James Williams, director of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) UAS Integration Office, will deliver the conference’s keynote presentation.

Next Gen Drones will also consist of three focused program sessions featuring the following:

UAV Communications, Navigation and Flight Control
-Gregory Huff, associate professor at Texas A&M University
-Rick Lober, vice president and general manager of Hughes Network Systems
-Brian Taylor, director of UAV Laboratories at the University of Minnesota

UAV Research, Development and Commercialization
-Yannick Levy, vice president of Parrot
-Bruce Quirk, UAS director of United States Geological Survey
-John Fischer, chief technology officer of Spectracom
-Matt Pobloske, CEO of Sensintel
-Jonathan Ledgard, director of Afrotech at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
-Chang Liu, Aeronautics, Astronautics and Computational Engineering Department at Southampton University
-Jeremy Straub, researcher at the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Dakota

UAV Integration, Safety and Regulation
-Joseph Vacek, associate professor at the University of North Dakota
-Keven Gambold, CEO of the Americas for Unmanned Experts LLC
-Brett Burton, tactical systems program manager at Battelle Memorial Institute
-Andrew White, program manager for Defense Research Associates
-Colonel Andy Pennington, assistant professor and assistant program chair at Embry Riddle University
-Michael Winn, CEO of DroneDeploy

More information on the event can be found here.

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