Kansas’ UAS Director Takes on New Role in Transportation Dept.


Robert Brock, Kansas’ first director of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), has been named interim director of aviation at the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT).

According to the state agency, Brock has been serving KDOT and the State of Kansas while spearheading national aviation efforts as the UAS director and chairman of the Kansas UAS Joint Task Force.

Prior to joining KDOT, Brock served over 22 years in the Air Force and retired as a lieutenant colonel. As a military officer, he led both manned and unmanned flight operations. Brock is also an instrument-rated commercial fixed-wing and helicopter instructor pilot.

“We are so fortunate at KDOT to have such a talented and passionate person like Bob Brock to take over aviation,” says Richard Carlson, secretary of transportation. “After already serving the state and the agency in opening new doors for UAS, Brock is in the best possible position to make great strides for aviation in Kansas.”

Representing Kansas on the Transportation Research Board and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Drone Advisory Committee-Task Group Three, Brock will continue to work closely with the FAA and aviation stakeholders across the nation to support Kansas aviation. He will also oversee the Kansas Airport Improvement Program; Unmanned Systems Program; and Science, Technology and Aviation Resource program.

“I look forward to my continued service to KDOT and the State of Kansas,” says Brock. “We will continue to work with legislators, stakeholders and communities to increase aviation safety and promote the growth of the aviation industry in Kansas.”

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