Photogrammetry software developer SimActive Inc. has expanded its network of resellers for medium-format licenses.

The new strategic alliances allow SimActive to address the growing market need for processing imagery from medium-format sensors, the company says. Partners include firms such as LiDARUSA, which offers SimActive’s Correlator3D to complement Phase One cameras.

“SimActive provides an exceptional software for quickly processing large datasets at high accuracies,” says Jeff Fagerman, CEO of LiDARUSA. “Their product is a great fit for our clients with metric cameras, including direct georeferencing capabilities.”

SimActive’s Correlator3D software is a patented photogrammetry solution for the generation of geospatial data from satellite and aerial imagery, including from unmanned aerial vehicles. It performs aerial triangulation and produces dense digital surface models, digital terrain models, point clouds, orthomosaics, 3D models and vectorized 3D features.

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