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Finnish Cleantech Company Makes the Case for Emissions-Detecting UAS

Posted by Betsy Lillian on March 09, 2017 No Comments
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Aeromon, a cleantech start-up based in Finland, recently demonstrated the effectiveness of drone-mounted platforms for measuring industrial emissions.

A pilot program at the Ämmässuo waste treatment center, which is operated by the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY), compared historical data captured with handheld measurement tools with aerial measurements taken by an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) fitted with Aeromon’s sensor package. The composition and concentration of the biowaste stack and treatment facility emissions were also studied.

Aeromon says the resulting data demonstrated the capability of the platform to detect fugitive emissions in a range of industrial settings, including those in which measurements may have previously been difficult to obtain.

“When aerially deployed, our sensor package can create a detailed emissions map of an industrial area,” says Jouko Salo, chairman of Aeromon. “This data can be combined with environmental data in our cloud-based analytics platform, Aeromon Cloud Service, to provide a complete view of the emissions.”

The company says the Aeromon platform maps and identifies emissions by using lightweight sensors that analyze a wide range of gases. The analysis is also augmented with exact location information and environmental conditions parameters. In addition, the platform’s light weight makes it capable of being attached to a drone that typically carries a professional camera set.

“The analyzers used in Aeromon’s quadcopter were very portable and seemed reliable,” says Roni Järvensivu, site environmental engineer as HSY Ämmässuo. “The graphs provided in Aeromon’s final report were informative and easy to understand. We found the results obtained by Aeromon’s quadcopter to be close to our own measurements.”

Salo adds, “With emissions monitoring legislation tightening across the globe, the need for reliable fugitive emissions-detection solutions is increasing.”

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