Event 38 Rolls out Full UAV Package for Managing Farm Operations


Event 38, an Akron, Ohio-based unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer, has released its E386 agricultural drone solution, which combines the fixed-wing E386 UAV with 10 new apps on the company’s cloud-based Drone Data Management System.

According to Event 38, the drone offers a 75-minute flight time and can map 750 acres at a 4-centimeter level in a single flight. In addition, the aircraft has been flown for agriculture, surveying, construction, conservation and other missions in 60 countries, the company says.

Data captured during a flight integrates into the Drone Data Management System, a platform for storing, sharing and analyzing the UAV-captured data, which is then converted into geo-referenced maps that can be viewed online or on mobile devices and then shared or downloaded.

“Our goal from the beginning was to give growers and crop scouts/agronomists analytical tools to help them improve yields, save money and manage their operations more efficiently,” explains Jeff Taylor, CEO of Event 38. “This is just the start. We are continuing to create new applications as we get feedback from our users all over the world. We are proud to be able to offer this agricultural package and hope our customers take full advantage.”

Photo courtesy of Event 38

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