Event 38 Rolls out Companion Computer for Sony QX1-Equipped Drones

Akron, Ohio-based Event 38 – a provider of drones, optical sensors and a Drone Data Management System – has released a companion computer for the Sony QX1 camera.

According to the company, the companion computer is a fully integrated solution for streamlining the mapping and geotagging process on the company’s E384, E386 and other Pixhawk-powered drones.

It allows users to completely bypass the normal geotagging post-processing step; this relieves a burden on operators who run frequent missions and improves the geotag accuracy of those missions at the same time. That can lead to faster and more accurate orthomosaic stitching, as well, says Event 38.

The companion computer connects directly to both the Sony QX1 camera and the Pixhawk autopilot. When users power on their aircraft, the camera automatically powers up and connects to the companion computer. In flight, the computer verifies directly with the camera that each picture was taken as expected. As each picture is taken, the computer transfers the image from the QX1 in real time to its own, easily accessible thumb drive. As each picture is saved, its geotags are added directly into its EXIF data as part of the same file and are also written to a text log. The images with EXIF data can be imported directly into almost any post-processing software without further handling, the company notes.


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