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An educational community, Drone U, was recently launched for drone enthusiasts to learn about UAV operations and flight.

Paul Aitken, chief pilot and chief technology officer, co-founded Drone U to provide an array of the most important skills, techniques and knowledge in the UAV market.

He says Drone U takes “a logical, experiential, no-nonsense approach to training and educating” operators, who can “help one another in a private community setting.”

“All the chatter is about the [Federal Aviation Administration] and what they are going to do to further regulate UAVs,” explains Aitken. “But that’s not the issue because regulations already exist. Instead, drone enthusiasts need to get adequately trained by experienced pilots and join a community of like-minded enthusiasts to continually sharpen their skills.”

He adds, “There are too many places training on theory, forsaking practical experience by actual drone experts. Plus, their students complete the course and have no community to fall back on to increase their knowledge. I know - I was just like them a couple of years ago.”

More information can be found here.

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Are you comfortable with the use of the term "drone" to describe commercial/civil UAS?

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