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SHIPPING ADDRESS: 100 Willenbrock Road, Oxford, CT 06478
PHONE: (800) 325-6745
FAX: (203) 262-4680
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Title Name Ext. E-mail
­ Publisher Michael Bates 241 [email protected] ­
­ Editor Betsy Lillian 240 [email protected] ­
­ Accounting / Office Manager / Subscriptions Cheryl Samide 227 [email protected] ­
­ Information Systems Manager Phill Legault 236 [email protected] ­
­ Marketing Coordinator Christina Stanevich 237 [email protected] ­
­ Production Coordinator Sandra Minck 230 [email protected] ­

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Are you comfortable with the use of the term "drone" to describe commercial/civil UAS?

Yes; a UAS is a drone.
No; it gives the technology a negative connotation.
No opinion; it's not important what they are called.

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