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Burlingame, Calif.-based MotionDSP is collaborating with several unmanned aerial systems (UAS) research sites in the U.S. to discover critical applications using video.

With Kansas State University Salina, the University of North Dakota and Auburn University, MotionDSP is helping discover ways to tackle critical issues facing the oil and gas, agriculture, health and wildlife, law enforcement, and search and rescue sectors.

MotionDSP, a provider of video processing software for defense applications, will apply this same software to solve critical problems in civilian and commercial applications using video from UAS.

"For a decade, our team has been working with bright young analysts in the military and intelligence community, solving critical international security challenges," says Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP.

"It's exciting to work with innovative young minds at these centers of excellence to develop next generation-applications in aerial data collection - not only for defense, but also for important civilian and commercial applications," Varah adds.

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