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As part of the show's "Game of Drones" series, ABC's Good Morning America (GMA) brought in an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to deliver a cup of coffee to anchor Robin Roberts. 
According to a video from GMA, the show is celebrating drones for a week: technology that is “making our lives so much easier” with all the “amazing things they can do,” according to Roberts. 
The coffee-delivering UAV was from Blade Helicopters, which used a Blade 350 QX3 aircraft, the company says in a Facebook post.
The anchors also explain in the video that reporter Ginger Zee will soon be traveling to Iceland to explore a volcanic eruption through the eyes of a UAV. The video shows footage of DJI’s Eric Cheng at the site, who last year captured stunning footage over the eruption. 
“This is such incredible science that can come from these drones because we’re seeing things that we’ve never seen before,” Zee says in GMA’s video. 
The Feb. 2 coffee delivery on the set of GMA can be viewed here.

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Are you comfortable with the use of the term "drone" to describe commercial/civil UAS?

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