DJI, Pond5 Roll out Collection of Licensable Drone Footage


Global content marketplace Pond5, in conjunction with DJI, has unveiled the first wave of content in its collection of licensable aerial drone footage.

Included in the launch of the Pond5 DJI collection are shots by FAA Part 107-certified pilots. The content will provide buyers in the marketplace with more options for their film and video projects, says Pond5, which announced the partnership with DJI earlier this year.

“The response to our call for filmmakers using DJI drones is truly inspiring,” says Jason Teichman, CEO of Pond5. “We received a wealth of aerial footage to choose from for this collection, and it’s continuing to roll in nonstop. Being able to provide our buyers with shots of this quality captured by certified pilots speaks directly to Pond5’s mission of supporting filmmakers on both sides of our marketplace and to the passion of the artists in the DJI community.”

DJI has been working closely with Pond5 on the launch of the collection.

“This collection marks the start of a new era for filmmakers looking to purchase and sell drone footage,” notes Michael Perry, managing director of DJI for North America. “We’re always amazed at the sheer quality and diversity that pilots using DJI drones display in their work. Bringing this creativity to the millions of filmmakers who use Pond5 in a way that reinforces safe and legal drone operations is extremely rewarding.”

More information on how to be included in the marketplace can be found here.

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2 years ago

Well, good job. It means that prospective new industries are on the way, and pilots operating drones will be more professional and more formal in all fields. It’s a good idea to have a pilot card. In my opinion, I also need a badge when I play with my toy drone leveTop. Operating dji is a must i think.