Pond5, DJI Create Online Marketplace for FAA-Compliant Drone Footage


Global content marketplace Pond5 has formed a new partnership with DJI to develop a collection of licensable aerial footage.

By applying to join this program, pilots operating with a Part 107 remote pilot certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be eligible to have their footage included in a series of collections shot exclusively with DJI drones.

Pond5, while showcasing these collections to its millions of users, will denote video clips shot by licensed pilots in order for customers to ensure that video assets comply with Part 107. Pilots will also be able to work with Pond5 to identify the most in-demand shots and obtain assistance in preparing their footage for licensing in the Pond5 marketplace. DJI will also be working closely with the team of curators at Pond5.

“Drones have become powerful tools for storytellers, providing a cost-effective alternative for gathering aerial footage. They’re able to capture rapidly unfolding events and reach locations that would be otherwise inaccessible, costly or dangerous,” says Pond5’s CEO, Jason Teichman. “As the world leader in their space, DJI is the ideal partner to bring the best in contemporary aerial footage to our marketplace.”

Select participants will also have access to Pond5’s clipping and tagging services, allowing them to save time by submitting raw footage, rather than having to do the work of editing, formatting, titling and keywording the footage themselves. Footage receiving these services will then be made available exclusively through Pond5 for a limited time.

“Drone imagery creates exciting new possibilities for video creators and producers around the world, and DJI’s collaboration with Pond5’s industry-leading content marketplace helps establish a new standard for professional video that is safe, legal and cleared for use,” adds Michael Perry, managing director of DJI for North America. “We’re excited to elevate the presence of DJI-captured imagery in Pond5’s marketplace, and we can’t wait to see the projects that will incorporate this footage.”

Pilots with a Part 107 certificate who use DJI drones can apply for the program here.

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Jared Smith
Jared Smith
2 years ago

The term “licensed pilots” is a misnomer as there is no such thing as a pilot license. The FAA issues pilot certificates under Title 14 CFR Part 61. The phrase “Pilots with a Part 107 certificate…” would indicate that this would require an individual to hold both a pilot certificate issued under CFR Part 61 and Part 107 as Part 107 only applies to “remote pilots”.

Sorry to be a stickler, but these are legal terms and should be used correctly, especially by commercial entities.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jared Smith

Hey Jared: Try the decaf.

Legit View
Legit View
2 years ago

Part 107 in a layman’s nutshell, allows “commercial activity”. The idea applies to the monetization of activity using a UAS (inspection, video, photography, paid for demonstration, racing, and ads on work where the gain goes to the pilot). I can go down the legal rathole very well, and once you open that Pandora’s box you will immediately be confronted by contradictions, lack of definition, and the stink of FAA incompetence and self-righteous dogma. Selling footage has many additional stipulations, beyond the the FAA. First it must be made clear that using a view of strict constructionism any intelligent person will… Read more »