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CyPhy Works Adds UAV Services to Texas Company’s Oil and Gas Biz

Posted by Betsy Lillian on March 08, 2017 No Comments
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Danvers, Mass.-based CyPhy Works Inc. is bringing its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) services to oil and gas customers of Pilot Thomas Logistics, a Fort Worth, Texas-based provider of fuel, lubricants and chemicals to the energy, marine, mining and industrial markets in North America.

Specifically, customers will use CyPhy’s tethered Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC) system, which the company describes as an “extremely durable” aircraft employing CyPhy’s patented microfilament tethered system that “provides secure communication and ensures continuous flight, lasting for days and weeks, rather than the standard minutes of most battery-powered UAVs.” The company also calls the drone “easily portable; quick to assemble; extremely rugged; and resistant to wind, precipitation and airborne debris.”

“We are excited to be working with Pilot Thomas Logistics to provide our UAV services to their customers in the oil and gas industry,” comments Lance VandenBrook, CEO of CyPhy Works.

VandenBrook says applications for the PARC system include “emergency/incident management, job-site surveillance and security, equipment monitoring, and communications.”

“This is a great opportunity for Pilot Thomas Logistics,” says Scott Prince, president and CEO of Pilot Thomas Logistics. “Our relationship with CyPhy Works allows us to expand our service portfolio to include innovative, state-of-the-art drone services that will assist our customers in the day-to-day operations of their business.”

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