California, New York Companies Combine Forces for Counter-UAS Tech

Gryphon Sensors, a Syracuse, N.Y.-based provider of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) detection technology, recently announced a partnership with WhiteFox Defense Technologies, a San Luis Obispo, Calif.-based provider of drone analytics and mitigation systems.

Gryphon Sensors’ Skylight employs a suite of radar and multispectral sensors that provide a comprehensive, real-time, 3D, low-altitude-airspace picture. WhiteFox’s DroneFox detects drones in an airspace with a range extending kilometers beyond visual line of sight. A forensic threat analysis is executed on target drones to determine inherent safety risk of the drone and the intent of the pilot by using variables such as payload capacity, model, location, pilot’s location and live video feed. The counter-sUAS solution is produced in a form factor that is man-portable and easily fixed to a secure location, according to the partners.

Under the new partnership, Gryphon Sensors is integrating its Skylight system with WhiteFox’s non-jamming, non-kinetic mitigation and analysis capabilities. The result is a radio frequency-based, sensor-driven counter-UAS system.

“We are very excited to be partnering with WhiteFox and their industry-leading drone mitigation and analysis capabilities,” says Anthony Albanese, president of Gryphon Sensors. “Our companies have similar advanced, agile, rapid development and engineering environments that allow us to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving threat.”


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