YellowScan Rolls out LiveStation for LiDAR UAV Flights

YellowScan, a France-based provider of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) mapping solutions, has launched the YellowScan LiveStation, which enables surveyors to monitor data being collected in real time.

According to the company, the technology, suited for long-endurance LiDAR flights, offers the following features to ensure a survey is going smoothly:

  • Live 3D point cloud visualization;
  • Live transect and trajectory visualization;
  • Speed, altitude, IMU and GNSS controls; and
  • Mission replay.

Specifically, the YellowScan LiveStation renders a real-time, 3D representation of the point cloud during flight and offers users the ability to zoom, translate or rotate. Simultaneously, the user interface presents an immediate summary of the system’s status.

In addition, says the company, the transect view easily allows the operator to check in real time whether the LiDAR is able to penetrate a forest’s canopy and sample its ground, for example. Missions can also be replayed later for analysis of flight conditions and data.


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