U-space: Global Partners Demonstrate Drone Traffic Management


Along with its project partners, skyguide, an air navigation service provider in Switzerland, demonstrated yesterday in Geneva how drones can be safely and efficiently integrated into existing airspace (i.e., unmanned aircraft traffic management).

The project partners – which included AirMap, SITAONAIR, senseFly and PX4 – performed three live missions flown by senseFly’s albris and eBee Plus drones and a drone with a pre-programmed PX4 flight controller. The goal was to demonstrate how unmanned aircraft can be easily announced to the air navigation service provider through e-registration and e-identification.

Air traffic control, flight planning and airspace authorization, as well as live tracking/telemetry and dynamic situational awareness, were also part of the demonstration.

The demo of the so called U-space – the digital infrastructure, services and procedures that will enable drones to integrate with the European airspace – proves that the air navigation services are ready for the next stage of drone integration, says skyguide, noting it could also open up the global market.

“The U-space can only develop successfully if the different players collaborate efficiently together and embrace innovation,” comments Alex Bristol, CEO of skyguide. “The demonstrator shows that this is possible. I look forward to us taking the next steps together with our partners as soon as possible.”

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