Tayzu Partners with Verizon for Large-Scale Data Collection from UAV


1364_tayzu-y-6 Tayzu Partners with Verizon for Large-Scale Data Collection from UAVTayzu Robotics, a manufacturer and developer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has entered into a partnership with Verizon Communications to integrate new flight-control options into Tayzu's line of UAVs.

At the center of the new technology is the Skywire 4G LTE Module by NimbeLink. This equipment will make the collection and monetization of large amounts of data from autonomous UAV flights possible on Tayzu aircraft via Verizon’s cellular network.

Tayzu UAVs enabled to use the Skywire will be able to fly programmed flight paths at the press of a button; these programmed flights can be initiated from anywhere in the world.

Tayzu Robotics says it is also developing technology that will enable the aircraft to land in a charging station for self-charging. Without the need of a pilot or an operator to change the battery, the UAV will be able to fly indefinitely on its own. Users will need to do no more than program a flight path and press a button to have the UAV fly and charge itself. All future Tayzu aircraft will be able to support this ability, the company says.

Tayzu says its new line of UAVs will be available for purchase soon.

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