Simulyze’s Operational Intelligence Tech Deployed in Drone Delivery


Simulyze Inc., a provider of operational intelligence (OI) technology, has announced the successful deployment of its Mission Insight OI application in support of what was the U.S.’ first ship-to-shore drone delivery.

Taking place on the New Jersey coastline on June 22, the event featured drone delivery company Flirtey and Dr. Timothy Amukele, assistant professor of pathology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The flights demonstrated the potential use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to deliver medical supplies during a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis.

The UAVs were flown round-trip from a ship located about a half-mile offshore to the Cape May Ferry Terminal in North Cape May.

Mission Insight, built on Simulyze’s proprietary OI platform, processes and analyzes large streams of data from disparate sources to provide UAS operators with a common operating picture in a customized graphical interface. It can also be used by UAV operators, command centers, air bosses and mission managers as a workflow tool to submit flight plans, monitor aircraft status and telemetry, activate flights, and transmit aircraft position data.

“The ship-to-shore delivery is a template for how to integrate data from drones into existing data flow and make it possible for drones to operate safely in U.S. airspace,” says Kevin Gallagher, CEO of Simulyze. “The demonstration, which included processing and visualizing data about ships, manned aircraft and UAVs, further emphasized the critical need for having a broader, real-time picture than just knowing the location of your UAV.”

In April, Simulyze’s Mission Insight was deployed in support of NASA’s Technical Capability Level 1 UAS testing: NASA and operators from six UAS test sites across the country flew 22 drones simultaneously during a three-hour test to assess line-of-sight, rural operations of NASA’s UTM research platform. Simulyze directly supported operations at two UAS test sites and provided simulated flights as an enterprise-level solution that integrated all aspects of multiple flight operations into a single interface.

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