Provider of Autonomous Mapping Drones Inks Funding


Identified Technologies, a Pittsburgh-based maker of self-piloting mapping drones, says it has closed a seven-figure funding round led by Birchmere Ventures.

The company's drones automate site monitoring for industries such as energy, mining and construction. The proprietary self-piloting Boomerang drone and LaunchPad dock station system automate the data capture and analysis process.

The mapping drone flies itself above job sites automatically, captures data and lands itself back on the dock station, which lives on the client site throughout the project. The dock station then swaps and charges the drone's batteries and sends the data to the cloud for customer analysis wirelessly.

“Drones are not an industry; they are means by which customers solve problems better, faster and cheaper than alternative methods,” comments Ned Renzi, founding partner of Birchmere Ventures.

“The number of sites we can market Identified Technologies to is extensive; we should only be limited by how quickly they can expand operations,” says Rick Celender, principal at Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc., a provider of solutions for practices including civil engineering, ecological sciences, environmental engineering and sciences, waste management, and water resources.

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