Praxis Aerospace Notches Milestone With N.Y. UAS Test Site


Praxis Aerospace Concepts International Inc. (PACI) has been delegated mission command authority from the New York unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) test site, operated by Griffiss International Airport in Rome, N.Y.

Founded in 2011, PACI is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business based in southern Nevada. The company’s mission is to develop practical solutions for multi-modal (ground-air-sea-industrial) robotics and unmanned systems.

With the new authority, PACI says it has unlimited access to two new authorizations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In September, the FAA approved a nationwide blanket Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) to give all of the federal UAS test sites the ability to operate up to the limits of Class G airspace (1,200 feet above ground level [AGL]). PACI says it can now support these operations anywhere in within the U.S. that meets the criteria.

In addition, in late October, PACI received approval to operate up to 2,000 feet AGL, at night and with extended visual line of sight procedures near the Eldorado Droneport in Nevada and surrounding areas in the Eldorado Valley.

As a final requirement, PACI personnel completed a rigorous flight readiness review given by the NUAIR Alliance, which heads the New York test site. The demonstration test flight occurred within the new COAs at the Eldorado Droneport on Oct. 26.

“Griffiss International Airport and the NUAIR Alliance continue to be excellent partners in the advancement of UAS integration into the [National Airspace System],” comments Jonathan Daniels, CEO of PACI. “This milestone represents nearly a year of effort and will only make the next 12 months more exciting.”

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