Organization for Pilots of Small Commercial UAVs Launched


437_remote_control Organization for Pilots of Small Commercial UAVs LaunchedAn unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) advocate has created an organization for commercial or non-hobbyist operators of small UAVs.

Peter Sachs – who on Twitter classifies himself as an attorney, commercial helicopter pilot and DJI Phantom pilot, among other things – has founded what he calls the Drone Pilots Association.

As of July 22, the brand-new site shows it has over 300 members. The site’s description notes that anybody is allowed to join, but the focus is on “current commercial drone operators, those who aspire to become commercial drone operators or any non-commercial non-hobbyists” (e.g., operators who conduct search-and-rescue missions).

One of the group’s goals, also according to the site, is to “raise funds to mount a challenge to the [Federal Aviation Administration’s] Interpretive Rule.” Although the membership is free, the goal is for members to come together and overcome the agency’s “false statements regarding the law and its intimidation tactics” in order to gain the right to commercially operate UAVs.

The Drone Pilots Association can be found here.

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