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Six-Month UAS Trial Launched by Police Forces in South West England

Police in South West England's Devon, Cornwall and Dorset are embarking on a six-month trial of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to aid officers in...

UAS Group Launched by American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

A new technical committee focused on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) has been formed by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), an...

Just Launched: the Multi-Rotor Vortex UAV from Atlanta Hobby

Cumming, Ga.-based Atlanta Hobby says it has officially unveiled its new Vortex unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Designed and built in America through a partnership...

Organization for Pilots of Small Commercial UAVs Launched

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) advocate has created an organization for commercial or non-hobbyist operators of small UAVs. Peter Sachs - who on Twitter...

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