North Dakota’s Precision Ag Summit to Offer Drone Focus

The sixth annual Precision Ag Summit, which will feature a focus on drones, is kicking off soon in Jamestown, N.D. Once again, the conference is co-hosted by the Red River Valley Research Corridor and the ND Farmers Union.

Taking place on Jan. 16-17 at the North Dakota Farmers Union Conference Center, the event will offer attendees hands-on and technical demonstrations of precision agriculture technologies and applications.

A “Making Drones Work For You” talk will be given by Kris Poulson of Sentera. Another unmanned aircraft-focused section, “Know Your Airspace – Rules for Drone Operators & UAS Updates,” will be hosted by Trevor Woods of the Northern Plains Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site and John Nowatzki of the North Dakota State University Extension.

Other topics will include as follows:

  • Cost-Saving Strategies Using Precision Ag Digital Agronomic, Data Analytics and the Future of Precision Agriculture;
  • The Profitability of Precision Ag;
  • Strategies for Multi-Hybrid Planting; and
  • Tile Drainage to Manage Salinity.

More information can be found here.



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