New Video and Data Solution for Commercial Drones Launching


KSI Data Sciences, a provider of live IP video transmission solutions, has released a new video and data solution for commercial drones and other robotic platforms.

The MissionCaster – which delivers near-real time video to anyone, anywhere – works with any drone or robotic platform and holds up to 512 GB of local storage. The hardware component, MissionCaster HD, accepts up to two simultaneous inputs of virtually any type.

Powered and integrated with LTE networks from AT&T or Verizon, it is the first truly mobile solution to broadcast securely to any location with less than a second of latency, says KSI.

The integrated audio channel allows real-time, two-way voice communication between the operator and selected remote viewers.

Additionally, MissionCaster's telemetry and data-handling capabilities allow for external Web service interfaces for integration into map tools such as ESRI or Google Earth. Missions are archived and searchable.

KSI managed almost all video and data from UAVs over Iraq and Afghanistan for 10 years, the company says. John Gaster, co-founder and CEO, says the solution is “the result of a decade's experience managing video and telemetry from drones in the most difficult environments.”

MissionCaster and MissionCasterTV will be available in early May.

More information can be found here.

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