New Hardware, Software and Partnerships from DJI


This week at its AirWorks conference in Dallas, DJI unveiled new solutions, including a drone flight simulator, flight control app and upgraded flight planning tool, as well as new collaborations with industry partners.

The new DJI Flight Simulator is designed to create a realistic flight experience for pilots in training, allowing them to hone their skills without the costs, restrictions and potential risks of real-life training, says DJI. It runs on a computer and is controlled by a DJI drone remote controller. Pilots take off and fly in a lifelike environment, which can be manipulated to provide different wind and weather conditions, lighting, and visibility.

The simulator allows pilots to practice flying in varied environments, such as an island or a city landscape, as well as train for a specific application, such as power line inspections or search-and-rescue missions. Enterprises can also customize training courses to meet their specific requirements. The system supports most DJI drones, including the Mavic 2 Enterprise, the Phantom 4 Pro, the Inspire 2 and the Matrice 210 RTK.

Compatible with DJI enterprise drones, the company’s flight control app for professional work, DJI Pilot, is now out of beta and is available on both Android and iOS devices.

DJI says the app allows pilots to build detailed operations into their flight plans and generate semi-automatic inspection capability. It can create and control the parameters of a flight, as well as photo and video operations, along the way. It can operate a range of payloads, including the Zenmuse XT2 thermal imaging camera and the Zenmuse Z30 zoom camera; accessories for the new Mavic 2 Enterprise; and third-party payloads built on the DJI Payload SDK.

DJI Pilot also integrates with other DJI software systems for enterprise applications. It can share a live video feed and real-time flight data from a drone with the DJI FlightHub fleet management software; it supports Local Data Mode operations, which sever all internet connections to ensure customer data remains secure; and it displays warnings from the DJI AirSense system when a Mavic 2 Enterprise or Matrice 200 Series drone detects a signal from a nearby airplane or helicopter.

Next, DJI has upgraded its Ground Station Pro (GS Pro) app, a flight route planning tool that gives critical missions added accuracy and reliability, the company says. With Version 2.0, enterprises can manage fleets of drones, the pilots who operate them, the missions they fly and the data they generate.

GS Pro’s enhanced functionality enables cloud data storage and backup, as well as enhanced data sharing options, allowing only teams with necessary permissions to view and operate relevant flight missions.

The interface now also lets users plan and execute automated flight missions with just a few taps. Pilots and managers can create repeatable missions, enhancing reliability and accuracy in flight operations, as well as review past flights to optimize future missions.

New Partnerships

  • Southern Co. has formalized its ongoing collaboration with DJI by announcing it is now a solution development partner. The company will help co-develop and test customized drone solutions for utilities.
  • Microsoft is developing ways to integrate its tools with DJI drones in order to enable a range of commercial Internet of Things scenarios. Microsoft and DJI are also announcing the public preview of the DJI Windows SDK, through which drone solution developers can wirelessly transfer images to Windows-powered edge devices, integrate and control drones and third-party payloads via Windows apps, and bring real-time AI and machine learning capabilities to imagery from DJI drones – in turn, increasing the way drones can be used and scaled in the enterprise.
  • Propeller Aero has launched the Propeller PPK solution, which is a fully integrated software and hardware system that leverages DJI’s Phantom 4 RTK drone.
  • Skycatch has announced that the Skycatch Edge1 GNSS base station is now available worldwide. Manufactured by DJI, the Edge1 streamlines workflows with centimeter-level data outputs in under 30 minutes and gives DJI users the ability to process and receive data without the need for internet or cellular connectivity.
  • Kespry has integrated the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone as part of its stockpile measurement solution for mining and aggregates companies.

Of course, at AirWorks, DJI also demonstrated the brand-new Mavic 2 Enterprise, a portable, foldable drone designed for businesses, governments, educators and other professionals.

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