Microsoft Azure Becomes AirMap’s Exclusive Cloud Platform


AirMap, an airspace management platform for drones, has selected Microsoft Azure as the exclusive cloud platform to power AirMap’s drone traffic management platform and developer ecosystem.

AirMap says its migration to Microsoft Azure is part of Microsoft’s commitment to supporting the rapidly increasing use of drones in the enterprise. The two companies plan to work together to help customers use drones to improve the efficiency and performance of existing business processes.

“AirMap is a critical enabler for countries and companies embracing drone technology,” says Ben Marcus, AirMap’s co-founder and chairman. “Microsoft Azure provides essential cloud computing infrastructure for the AirMap platform to orchestrate safe and responsible drone operations around the world.”

“Drones are an exciting new compute platform and intelligent edge device with great potential to bring speed, efficiency and safety to critical jobs,” adds Sam George, director of Azure IoT. “We believe it’s critical to build an ecosystem that enables the safe and responsible use of drones for these jobs, and AirMap is a natural partner as a leader in drone traffic management.”

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