Fruity Chutes Announces New UAV Parachute Launchers


Los Gatos, Calif.-based Fruity Chutes, a manufacturer of recovery systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has unveiled a small, spring-loaded parachute launcher for small drones.

The company says its core design objectives for the new Harrier launcher were lightweight, compact, easy to use and reliable. The Harrier features a thin-wall carbon-fiber canister, lightweight nylon components, and a high-energy compression spring.

In order to make the new launcher as compact and light as possible, Fruity Chutes says it designed a new line of parachutes called the Iris Ultra Zero. Currently, the Iris Ultra Zero parachute is available only with the Harrier launcher.

Suited for both multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAVs, the new launcher is currently offered in three sizes:

  • Harrier 40-30 ($310): length of 4.06 inches, rating of 1.25 kg @ 4.6 m/s, and total weight 81.3 grams;
  • Harrier 40-36 ($330): length of 5.06 inches, rating of 1.8 kg @ 4.6 m/s, and total weight of 128.4 grams; and
  • Harrier 40-42 ($352): length of 6.05 inches, rating of 2.5 kg @ 4.6 m/s, and total weight of 153.6 grams.

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