Fluidity Tech Wins Four Patents for Drone Control


Fluidity Tech has been issued four new patents related to controlling motion through three-dimensional space with single-handed flight control.

Each patent covers aspects of the company’s FT Aviator drone controller, which places all flight control commands into a pilot’s dominant hand, incorporating tactile and visual cues to make control more precise. Additionally, according to the company, the FT Aviator makes it easier for drone pilots to acquire imagery with their non-dominant hand without having to use an app.

The FT Aviator is currently available for $349. It was created by physician, pilot and former NASA astronaut Scott Parazynski.

The FT Aviator is the company’s first commercial product. The patents cover the following areas:

  • The dynamic balance system for throttle control in the FT Aviator;
  • The FT Aviator’s gimbal mechanism, which gives precise control of drone movement while also providing tactile feedback to the commands being issued;
  • The product’s situational awareness display, which provides insight into the location and directional heading of a drone; and
  • The FT Aviator’s camera functions and controls.

The patents focus on drone control but extend to other relevant environments that require motion control in three-dimensional space, including computer gaming, VR/AR, ROVs, surgical robotics and more.

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