Florida Companies Working on Sense-and-Avoid UAV Technology


919_drone_pretty_scenery Florida Companies Working on Sense-and-Avoid UAV TechnologyDual Electronics Corp., a Heathrow, Fla.-based manufacturer of aviation GPS and ADS-B receivers, has been working with Orlando, Fla.-headquartered Arclarity LLC, a developer of 3D augmented reality aviation systems, to develop a sense-and-avoid solution for drones.

Targeted at commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the solution incorporates GPS position data and current aviation chart data, as well as air traffic and temporary flight restriction notifications broadcast from the Federal Aviation Administration’s ADS-B network.

The solution, built into a UAV, continually monitors the flight path and makes real-time adjustments in order to maintain separation from air traffic, prevent collisions with obstacles and avoid restricted airspaces.

“The solution we are developing with Arclarity complements the existing short-range sensor systems that a drone may employ for precision navigation around close obstacles,” says Greg Lukins, vice president of business development at Dual Electronics.

“We’re trying to make drones react to situations the same way experienced pilots would,” adds J. Brian Scott, principal at Arclarity.

The companies are planning the first demonstration of the solution for the second half of the year.

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