FLIR Systems Inc. has introduced FLIR Thermal Studio, a thermal image analysis and reporting software designed to manage large sets of images and videos.

According to FLIR, the new product is designed for thermographers who use FLIR thermal handheld cameras, optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras, and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with thermal cameras.

FLIR Thermal Studio offers new measurement functions, advanced formula capability and custom analysis templates for professional thermographers. Unlike comparable software that requires users to process images individually, the program allows tuning of entire batches of thermal photos or videos with a few clicks, explains FLIR.

UAS operators who record thousands of images in a single survey, for example, will be able to edit or extract hot-spot data quickly and then export it for further analysis, the company says. The new software also offers advanced post-processing capabilities so that users can gain insights quickly from their data.

Supporting more than 20 languages, the program is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 (without the need for Microsoft Office).

FLIR Thermal Studio can be downloaded as a free trial or with an upgrade to full functionality for $899. Additionally, FLIR is offering a $300 rebate for holders of valid FLIR Tools+ and Reporter licenses.

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